FDDI Handbook: Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Media Access Control
  3. Medium Independent Physical Layer (PHY)
  4. Optical Components: Physical Layer Medium Dependent
  5. Single-Mode Fiber: SMF-PMD
  6. Low-Cost Fiber (LCF-PMD)
  7. FDDI on Twisted-Pair Copper Cables
  8. FDDI on SONET
  9. Station Management (SMT)
  10. Connection and Ring Management (CMT and RMT)
  11. Network Management: SNMP, CMIP/CMIS, and FDDI MIB
  12. Extension for Telecommunications: FDDI-II
  13. Enhanced Media Access Control: MAC-2
  14. Enhanced Medium-Independent Physical Layer (PHY-2)
  15. FDDI Follow-On LAN
  16. Logical Link Control
  17. TCP/IP and OSI Protocols on FDDI
  18. Buying and Installing Fiber Cables
  19. Cable Plant: Design and Analysis
  20. FDDI Products: Buying Considerations
  21. Performance Under Heavy Load
  22. Performance Under Normal Load
  23. Analytical Models, FDDI-II, and Adapter Performance Issues
  24. Error Analysis


A Standards Organizations
B Sources for Further Information
C List of Symbols
D List of Acronyms
E Solutions to Self-Test Exercises
F Status of FDDI Standards
G Addresses of Manufacturers References Index

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