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General Fairness: Definition

We define the following parameters:

A l =
Total available bandwidth for all ABR connections on a given link l.
A b =
Sum of bandwidth of under-loaded connections which are bottle-necked elsewhere.
A l - A b , excess bandwidth, to be shared by connections bottle-necked on this link.
N a =
Number of active connections
N b =
Number of active connections bottle-necked elsewhere.
N a -N b , number of active connections bottle-necked on this link.
MCR of connection i.
Σi=1^n μ_iSum of MCRs of active connections within bottle-necked on this link.
w i =
preassigned weight associated with the connection i.
g i =
GW fair Allocation for connection i.

The general fair allocation is defined as follows:

\begin{displaymath}g_i = \mu_i + \frac{w_i (A- \mu)}{\sum_{j=1}^n w_j} \end{displaymath}

The excess available bandwidth ( $A - \mu$) is divided in proportion to the predetermined weights.

Bobby Vandalore