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Three Source transient : Results

MCR value of zero was used for all three sources in this configuration. The configuration simulation was simulated for 1.2 seconds. Source 2, is a transient source. It is active between 0.4 to 0.8 seconds of the simulation. The expected allocation is (74.88,0,74.88) during (0,0.4s) and (0.8-1.2s) where source 2 is not active. The expected allocation is (49.92,49.92,49.92) during (0.4,0.8) interval. The figure  5 (a)-(d) shows the ACRs for the algorithms A, B, C and D respectively. All the algorithms achieve the expected allocation in both non-transient and transient periods. Algorithm B is sensitive to queue control function, hence there rates oscillate during the non-transient periods.

Bobby Vandalore