Electronic submission for PLDI 97

Electronically submitted papers are due by
5:00 PM CST, Friday, 8 November 1996.

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Special notes about submission to program committee

Please use the list of topics below to characterize your submission:

Our paper is about: Primarily Greatly Somewhat Kind of Not at all
alias analysis
pointer analysis
attribute grammars
attributed trees or abstract syntax trees
automatic code generation
automatic parallelization
automatic parsing
code generation
compiler-writing tools
distributed computing
distributed-memory parallelism
shared-memory parallelism
SIMD machines
special-purpose architectures
superscalar machines
VLIW machines
constraint-logic programming languages
data flow analysis
debuggers or debugging
formal semantics
functional programming languages
storage management
global optimization
incremental compilation
instruction scheduling
interactive editing or debugging
interprocedural flow analysis
interprocedural representations
interprocedural transformations
logic programming languages
loop optimization
numerical programming
object-oriented programming languages
partial evaluation
peephole optimization
performance analysis
persistent languages
program dependence representation
program editors
program maintenance
program slicing
register allocation
runtime binding
source code control or versioning
static single assignment form
type systems
visual programming languages
abstract interpretation
algorithmics and complexity theory
analysis of parallel programs
incremental program analysis
instruction-level parallelism
parallel programming
real-time systems
symbolic or irregular computations
type analysis or inference
sparse code generation
persistent data structures
multimedia applications
mobile code
run-time code generation

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