CSE 132 (Spring 2015)
Attendance Policy

The best way to know what is happening when is to consult the course calendar.
Lecture Attendance:
Each week's "lecture" session establishes the background, context, and conversation for the week's work in studio and lab. These sessions will involve some presentation by the instructor of lecture material, but they will also include code reviews and class discussion of the course material.

It is therefore essential that you attend the lecture session.

If you are currently working on a team assignment, then your team should sit together, so you have an opportunity to schedule meetings and catch up on any design changes.

Attendance in Studio:
On most Mondays, we meet in studio session in the lab space. For such sessions, attendance is required to obtain credit for this portion of the course. Some Mondays will be reserved for work on assignments. While attendance on such Mondays is not required, the TAs and instructor will be present to offer help and guidance, so you are encouraged to attend.
If for some reason you must miss studio, make up the studio session during TA office hours.

Attendance at Lab Sections:
Lab sections are held each Wednesday to facilitate your work on assignments. When a design or assignment is due, you must be present to discuss or demo your work. For team assignments, all members of the team must be present for any to receive credit.

Graded labs will be returned in lab sections, and you will have an opportunity to discuss written comments with the TAs.

A missed exam counts as a zero. If you are ill on the day of an exam, notify the instructor as soon as possible. The illness must be documented by health services or other reasonable authority in order to make up the exam.


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