Department of
Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 131 / 501N

Fall 2018

Exam Rules

Please read this document completely so you can prepare properly for the exam, show up in the right place to take the exam, and turn in our exam without incident. These rules are designed to ensure fairness and to make sure that everybody gets a copy of the exam.


This document makes use of the following definitions:
Student ID card
Your student ID card is the university-issued physical card bearing your picture, name, and numeric ID.
ID number
Your ID number is the unversity-issued 6-digit number that you will find
ID suffix
This is the last 3 digits of your student ID number. our your student ID card. For example, if your ID is 273409, then your ID suffix is 409.
Sage page (sometimes called a cheat sheet)
This is the an 8.5x11-inch two-dimensional single sheet of paper that you can fill with any information you want to have handy for your exam. You can fill the front and back sides, but it must remain 2-dimensional and its area cannnot exceed the sheet itself. It is exactly one sheet of paper.
It is probably true that the creation of this sheet is very helpful for you in preparing for the exam. During the exam, the sheet itself may offer comfort and might be useful, but my exams are not designed to test your memorization of material nor any exact syntax in writing code.

Thus, you should spend time creating the sheet, but you will probably find that you don't need to look at it much to take the exam.


What do I bring to the exam?

What are the general steps for taking the exam?

Where do I take the exam?
The exam will be given in multiple rooms, and you must show up in your assigned room or you will be turned away and asked to go to your assigned room. To use the table, you will probably need to know your student ID number.
You must have your student ID card with you to take the exam.
Situation Assigned Room and Instructions
You have previously submitted a VISA (special accommodation request for exams) to the instructor and/or registered with Cornerstone for special accommodation As directed by Cornerstone
  • You must have registered with Cornerstone, but DO NOT show up at Cornerstone. Show up at the room as indicated here.
  • You must show up at 6:30 PM to receive your full time allotment
  • Show your student ID card to the proctor
  • If you have questions during the exam, ask the proctor to contact the instructor.
You have arranged with the professor to start your exam late. Lab Sci 300
  • Please enter the room quietly
  • Find the instructor and show your student ID card to get your exam.
  • Take your seat as directed.
  • Finish and turn in our exam by the time written by the instructor on your exam.
For all other students, the table below tells you the room to which you must report.
Your exam starts at 6:30 PM, and ends at 8:30 PM
Your ID suffix is:
(the term ID suffix is defined at top of this page)
000–240 Lab Sci 300
  • Try to show up 15 minutes early to get your exam prior to the start time
  • Bring your student ID card with you
  • Find a TA, show your student ID card, and get your exam, but do not open it or start.
  • Find a place to sit so you are not next to another student.
  • No talking once you have your exam.
  • Wait for the announcement to start your exam
241–462 Simon 1
463–571 Hillman 70
572–682 Louderman 458
683–850 Crow 201
851–999 Wilson 214

How much time do I get for the exam?
Unless you have a VISA, your prescribed time for this exam is 2 hours. That time begins at the exam's published start time, unless you have previously arranged with the professor to show up late.

What can I use for reference while taking the exam?
If we see you using any banned materials, your exam will be confiscated and you will receive a 0 for the exam.

What do I do if I need to leave the exam for some reason?
Bring your exam with you to a proctor. Leave the exam and all electronic devices you have with you with that proctor.

Can I eat or drink during the exam?
You are welcome to bring food or drink with you to the exam, but please enjoy these items quietly.

If something is unclear to me on the exam, what should I do?
Neither the proctors nor the instructors are allowed to explain or clarify anything to you during the exam, for the following reasons:
  • Students report that they feal uneasy when another student is receiving information they don't receive. It creates an atmosphere of unfairness.
  • Conducting such explanations is distracting to students in a room.
  • Our exam is given in many rooms at the same time. It's not possible for a clarification to be sent reliably to all rooms.
  • It's possible the proctor or instructor might give misleading or wrong information, which then complicates grading.

So, if you are uncertain about a question, what do you do? It's easy: state assumptions you are making about solving the problem and forge ahead.

If I have an urgent problem, what do I do?
Examples of problems of this nature include pages missing from your exam, medical attention required, quickly rising water, or a conflagration under your seat. Of course, if you have both quickly rising water and a conflagration, the situation might be resolved without intervention.

Seriously, if you have a urgent problem, please catch the attention of a proctor or the instructor, who will come near you to offer help. The proctors have the instructor's cell phone number in case the instructor needs to be involved in addressing your problem.

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