CSE 131 Module 9: Game

Project Demo

Read the following very carefully.

When you done with this lab, you must be cleared by the TA to receive credit.

This demo box is for the class project
Last name WUSTL Key Propagate?
(NOT your numeric ID) Do not propagate
lower case only
e.g. Smith j.smith

The TA and you must select one of the options below
Your code MUST be committed and pushed!
Checking the wrong box will cause you to receive a 0 on this assignment,
and your TA will have violated academic integrity rules by checking you out with the wrong score.
3 Points   LetterClicks (video) A visualization of the WUGggle board and the ability to click letters to build a string to submit.

See the video for an example.

You are free to design this however you like, as long as it has the same functionality as the video.

Comments about project:

3 Points   FindInputWord (video) Prompts the user for input words that are then sought horizontally or vertically in the WUggle board. These words should take 3 or 4 squares, so they are usually 3 or 4 letters. You do not need to check that the user's input conforms to any rules. You just need to report correctly whether the word is found, either horizontally or vertically, on the board.

It would be nice, but not necessary, that you accept lower-case input as well as upper-case from the user's input.

This task does not require the dictionary.

Comments about project:

4 Points   Both of the above The student must demonstrate the functionality of both of the above projects, either as a single program or as two separate programs.

Comments about project:

5 Points   GameByClicks (video) See the video for what you have to do to get this credit. This task does require the dictionary.

Comments about project:

5 Points   GameBySearch (video) Here, instead of clicking, you type in the word and then find it both in a dictionary and on the board. Finding it on the board is not conceptually easy but it helps to think recursively. My solution was about 30 lines of code.

Your solution must report the locations at which the word was found, and those locations must be adjacent as in Boggle, with no repeated squares.

See the video for what you have to do to get this credit. This task does require the dictionary.

Comments about project:

6 Points   WorthSixPoints (video) OK if you do this I will give you more than 5 points; I'll give you six points on the project which means one extra point on your semester score. This combines the best of both 5-point tasks, so that the board is visualized, words are typed in by the player, words are found on the board and displayed so the user can see where the word was found.

This task needs the dictionary.

Comments about project:

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