Lab 1: Dominators

Lab Assigned Due
(in class)
4 Oct 18 Oct

Abstract: You will implement the Tarjan-Lengauer dominators algorithm.



The software is configured to compile and execute under eclipse.


  1. Rob's description of the patterns used in this software can be found here
  2. Documentation for the software can be found here.
    1. In the Package Explorer, look at the project present in your workspace after you have accessed it via svn.

      Eclipse, in its eagerness, has probably already tried to compile your project, but there are some things it won't find yet.

      Silly eclipse.
      So don't worry about problems just yet.
    2. In some of the files for this lab, there are references to classes that are in the jar file you downloaded. We must make eclipse aware of this:

      1. Click on the CSE531-lastname-id in the Package Explorer
      2. Click FileProperties
      3. Click Java Build Path
      4. Select the Libraries tab
      5. Click Add External JARs
      6. Add the hw1.jar file to the list by browsing for the location at which you stored the file.
    3. At this point, or shortly thereafter, all the red flags should go away, as eclipse recompiles the code with the jar file now present.
    4. Open the demos/ file from the Package Explorer.
    5. Right-click the entry in the Package Explorer, and go down to Run asJava Application and let it go. You should see output in the Console window.
  3. What you should see in the output:


You are free to work on this project in teams, so that you can help each other understand the code and the problem at hand. You must arrange for shared repository access and you must acknowledge in the code the relative contributions of the team members.