Here are the modifications you must address in a week. For this part, you MUST trade code with one of your partners. You will be modifying his/her code. You can and should still act as a team, and work together to achieve your goals.

Consider the author of the code you must modify as a resource. You may find yourself yelling at that resource or wishing that resource bodily harm by the end of this part of the assignment. This is normal, but do not act on such impulses. Instead, inform the resource of his/her transgressions:

And now the mods:

  1. The input format has been changed. In addition to what you have now, Each line will contain:
  2. The heap has been identified as a serious bottleneck. It gets instantiated for each request, but it is always the same size: one heap slot per possible node. The heap must now be made a singleton object, appropriately reinitialized so you can perform multiple path computations more speedily.
  3. Residents of Manhattan are irate because your path computations send them zig-zagging through the streets of NYC. You will fix this by introducing road-name-change-penalties in your shortest-path computations.
Extra credit: