CS 102 (Spring 2003)
Midterm Exam Lab

Author: Ron K. Cytron
Lab Assigned Design Due
(In class)
10 AM
(In Lab)
(In Lab)
Lab Due
(In lab)
12 Mar 12 Mar 12 Mar 12 Mar


You will demonstarte your ability to eliminate race conditions and obtain atomicity using exclusion.

Before starting:

[[[ Download PC zip ]]]
Zip includes:

What to do:

  1. Download the file above, compile it and run it.
  2. You will see incorrect behavior. Answer questions on the Demo Sheet to explain why the incorrect behavior occurs.
  3. Eliminate the incorrect behavior. (or try to!)
  4. Describe what you now see and why the program behaves as it does.
  5. Show what you have learned to a TA so he or she can sign your sheet.

What to turn in:

  1. A demo sheet signed by you and your TA. This sheet must also state who your lab partner(s) will be for Lab 5a
  2. A printout of your RGB source file.

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