CS 102 (Spring 2003)
Lab 1: Back into the Swing of things

Author: Ron K. Cytron
Lab Assigned Design Due
(In class)
10 AM
(In Lab)
(In Lab)
Lab Due
(In lab)
14 Jan 15 Jan 22 Jan 22 Jan


By the end of this lab, you should...

Before starting:

Helpful resources:


Well, just write code that creates the JFrame as exmplified by the solution posted above (your solution need not be an applet).

What To Turn In:

For every CS102 lab you turn in, you should fill in a cover sheet and staple it on the front of your lab. Attach a paper printout of the following:

  1. your SwingDemo.java file containing the methods you wrote
This must be turned in by the end of your lab section on the due date.  Check that you have header information (name, email, date, and lab section) at the top of the file, and you must have demonstrated your lab to have the printout graded.

If you need help printing, ask a TA or refer to the help homepage, which has detailed instructions for how to print from the labs.

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