On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Adam Lopresto wrote:

> Important notice from the TAs.
> Beginning with Lab 8, some things that we have been commenting will
> result in point deductions.  These include:
> 1) Style.
> We will begin taking points off for some often-commented style
> problems, including
> if (x)
>   return true;
> else 
>   return false;  //instead of return x;
> //indentation problems, such as
> if (x)
> return 7;
> while (g<17)
> g++;
> //totally unnecessary temporary variables
> ListItem result;
> result=new ListItem(a,b);
> return result;
> and of course the normal printing off page, header comments, cover
> pages (don't worry if you can't get it on one page), and stapling the
> labs.
> 2) Abstraction barriers
> Starting in Lab 7, and in other labs where you are given an ADT you
> will be expected to use only the public interface.  Breaking the
> abstraction barrier (eg using list.marker=list.marker.next instead of
> just list.next()) will result in point deductions.   You are
> welcome to add new functionality to the interface if you need to. 
> 3) Eschew obfuscation
> Thus far we have been VERY generous regarding code readability.  In
> the future, if we cannot understand your code and if it is poorly
> commented, we will mark it as WRONG even if it works.  The TA's are
> not compilers.  For example, a 30-line reverse() method with five
> local variables with names like temp, foo, and bar and no comments
> will be marked wrong.
> As always, feel free to ask if you have any questions.  Thank you.
> --Your friendly neighborhood TA's.