To write any kind of code, it is very convenient to use a development environment. A minimalistic environment basically consists of having a text editor that can hilight and indent your code properly, as well as have some menu options to compile, run, and do some other things you may find necessary. The editor of choice for CS101 is GNU Emacs. This editor has a very long history, and will run on pretty much any operating system you can think of. However, by itself it is just a really nice text editor. To aid with Java programming, we will use the Java Development Environment for Emacs or JDE for short. The JDE is a package that adds proper hilighting and menus for Java files. We have added some extra things to the JDE over the summer (like JavaDoc support) to make the JDE even better. The long and the short of it is that you have a great Java development environment to work with.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with Emacs and JDE as well as other Emacs operations to make doing the labs infinitely easier.