CS 101 (Fall 2002)
Lab Code Cover Sheet

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Additional Information

Virtual Coupons: You may use one of the following coupons, in compliance with the course policy
Late: I am using a Late Lab Coupon
Rewrite: I am using a Lab Rewrite Coupon. I have attached a complete rewrite, and the original lab and cover sheet.
Extra Credit: I completed the following extra credit option(s): 

Additional Notes to the Grader

Grades (TA use only, please)
Lab Code



Comments (continued on back if necessary):

If you have any questions about the comments written on your lab, please talk to the grader whose initials are next to the summary above.

If you have any questions about the points assigned, or general grading policy, please see one of the Head Teaching Assistants during their office hours or send them email to set up another appointment 

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