CS 101 (Fall 2002)
Lab 8: Hearts

Authors: Ron K. Cytron and Jonathan D. Wetherbee

Lab Assigned Design Due
(In class)
10 AM
(In Lab)
(In Lab)
Lab Due
(In class)
10 AM
4 Nov 8 Nov 5-6 Nov 12-13 Nov 15 Nov


By the end of this lab you should:

Before Starting:

This is the first of two labs where we give you almost no software as a base. You are to develop a design for the Hearts game, and then implement the game according to your design.

The following questions are intended to help you think through your design.

What to turn in:

  1. Complete a design cover sheet and turn in JavaDoc printouts when the design is due.
  2. Complete a code cover sheet and postscript printouts of your Java files when the code is due. Also, Provide the transcript from any tests you run.