Uses of Interface

Packages that use TypeAttrs

Uses of TypeAttrs in coursesolutions

Methods in coursesolutions that return TypeAttrs
 TypeAttrs CourseSymtabVisitor.Info.getType()

Constructors in coursesolutions with parameters of type TypeAttrs
CourseSymtabVisitor.Info(AbstractNode n, ModsAttrs m, TypeAttrs t)

Uses of TypeAttrs in lab8

Classes in lab8 that implement TypeAttrs
 class ConstructorType
 class PrimType
 class RefType
 class TypeBridge
          This class bridges the generic Type interface from the parser to actual types used in semantic analysis.

Methods in lab8 that return TypeAttrs
 TypeAttrs LocalDeclaring.getType()
 TypeAttrs FieldDeclaring.getType()
 TypeAttrs SymInfo.getType()
 TypeAttrs MethodDeclaring.getType()