Class DumpNodeVisitor

  extended by lab7.ReflectiveVisitor
      extended by lab7.NodeVisitor
          extended by lab8.DumpNodeVisitor

public class DumpNodeVisitor
extends NodeVisitor

This visitor shows you the AST as-is, node for node, with node types printed out. The number printed is useful as it can help correlate the declaration node for a symbol with references of that symbol.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
DumpNodeVisitor( ps)
Method Summary
 void defaultVisit(java.lang.Object o)
          Default visitation if nothing suitable is found
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Constructor Detail


public DumpNodeVisitor( ps)
Method Detail


public void defaultVisit(java.lang.Object o)
Description copied from class: NodeVisitor
Default visitation if nothing suitable is found

defaultVisit in class NodeVisitor