Chapter 10: Intermediate Representations


Getting Started (5 minutes)

Preparation (2 hours, before studio)

Read through the following materials:
  1. Tutorial by Carl Bredlau
  2. Tutorial (author unknown)
Consider the following materials for reference:

Run, read, and write some JVM programs (1 hour)

Investigations (30 minutes)

Investigate following questions and issues as a team and write up your findings.
  1. The JVM is almost a zero-address machine.
    1. In what ways is the JVM not a zero-address machine?
    2. Why was it designed this way?
  2. There are many ways of setting the contents of a JVM register to 0.
    1. Describe 3 relatively efficient ways
    2. Devise an incredibly inefficient way; see if your way is less efficient than some other group's
    3. Why is the JVM designed this way (with many ways of doing the same thing)?

Finishing Up

Submit your work as directed by your instructor.

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