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Final posted here
31 October 2005
First demo with stubs as needed
14 November 2005
Second demo with use cases
5 December 2005
Third demo with testing
12 December 2005
Final project demonstration
19 December 2005
All work products (documentation, everything) due

CSE436 is a course on software engineering. While it is primarily a workshop, students are exposed to fundamental software engineering approaches, tools, and disciplines in lecture.

This is a capstone course, meaning that you will draw from all your experiences in other courses to complete the work in this course. As such, this course involves a substantial amount of

It is likely that coming into this class, you are strong at some of the aspects listed above and weak at others. The goal is for you to help others where you have strength, and to strengthen yourself in areas where you are weak, by interaction with the instructor and the other students.

See the CSE 436 Course Description and the CSE 436 Lecture Highlights for more information on what this course is about.

These web pages are used extensively throughout CSE 436. Most information is accessible through the menu bar at the left. Read Navigating the CSE 436 Web Pages to find out what is available. The CSE 436 Home Page (this page) contains the following administrative information.

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