CSE 436 (Fall 2005)
Navigating the Web Pages

The CS101 hypertext pages provide a wealth of useful information about the course. Click on any highlighted item for more information. In Netscape, you can use the right mouse button to go back and forward within a frame, or to bring up a separate window for a link. Use the menu bar at the left of the CS101 pages to navigate as follows:

CS101 Home Page, course description, contact information, course policies, etc.
Course Calendar, a day by day syllabus with links to lecture material
Lecture Highlights, a topic outline with links to lecture material
Lab Assignments, including downloadable project folders
Java Reference, including documentation for CS101 provided code
Code Examples, various examples used throughout the course
Glossary of Terms, a handy reference
Announcements of an administrative nature
Help, including a help schedule and frequently asked questions
Email Help, for short questions not requiring immediate response
Suggestion Box (Anonymous email) --- Give us your ideas!

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