CSE 436 (Fall 2005)
Grading Policy

(subject to change)

Your total course grade will be based on the following components:
Class Participation (30%)
You are required to attend and to participate in the following ways:
  • 15% Solo presentations to class. How effective are your presentations? How well prepared are you for the business at hand? How well do you answer questions?
  • 15% Active class participant. You are required periodically to participate in various roles: as a customer, reacting to design decisions and helping to shape requirements; as a leader of code review, examining the quality of code and design; as a project evaluator, examining the overall fitness of a team's work.

    You are expected to be an attentive class participant, asking questions and demonstrating your ability and passion for software engineering.

Project Assignments (50%)
Each person in this class will be a team member and leader at some point, and the goal is to deliver the project meeting all of its deadlines and producing software of the highest quality possible.

There are several components to the project:

  • The SRDD that serves as prose to capture the nature and intended deliverables of the project
  • Periodic status reports that summarize the current state of the projeect's overall progress, issues that may impact the schedule, and action items to be performed by team members.
  • The code itself which will be evaluated for style, comments, and structure.
  • Periodic "demos" of the project's progress, with the final demo as the ultimate deliverable.
  • Testing and accompanying reports to show how thoroughly the software has survived unit testing, integration testing, stress testing, and performance testing.

Also, be sure that you understand the Late Policy and the Policy on Collaboration.

Final exam 20%
There will be an in-class final exam that will evaluate your understanding of concepts covered in lecture and projects. There will be a review session for the exam.