CSE 436 (Fall 2005)
Policy on Collaboration

The following collaboration policy is designed to ensure that your learn as much as possible from the course, and also to promote fairness and accuracy in grading.  By enrolling in CSE436, you agree to adhere to this policy.

Collaboration Policy:

All material turned in for credit must be a fair representation of those who claim that work as their own.

Collaboration is guided by the following principles specific to the nature of the activity.

Activity Extent of allowable collaboration
Study for exam Full collaboration is encouraged. You can solve problems together in study groups if you like.
Taking the exam No collaboration. Open books and notes as specified on the exam.
Contemplating lab design Full collaboration. You are encouraged to
  • Bounce ideas off your peers
  • Look at designs of similar systems
Submitted lab design This must be your own team's work, but your solution can be based on discussions you have had with your peers and others during the design phase. Be sure to give credit where creditis due.
Thinking about how to code the project Collaboration at the design and algorithmic levels is allowed
Coding your project Full collaboration within a team, subject to pulling your own weight. No collaboration from outside except as allowed by the instructor.

In particular, you must carefully document sources for all work you submit.

  • If the work is your own, claim it as such.
  • If it as a derivitive work, then you must obtain permission from the instructor to use it, you must cite your sources and you must acknowledge their contribution.
Failure to comply with this directive will be treated as cheating in this course.

Cheating will not be tolerated!  This course can be difficult and time consuming, but that's no excuse for cheating!!! 

Team work is encouraged in this course by its very nature. You are expected to work with team membes to best of your ability, both to bring out the best in yourself and to bring out the best in your teammates.

This can be a stressful situation, especially if you feel underappreciated or overworked as compared with your other teammates. Don't let problems like this go unaddressed. Talk them over with team members and your "management" (instructor) to figure out how to proceed.

Ask in advance if you have any questions about this policy. In previous semesters, students have been dismissed and/or failed from courses because of violations of course policy.  Don't let this happen to you. Be sure to start assignments on time, so you have enough time to get help from the instructor; If you do run out of time, it's not the end of the world!  Remember that it's much better to turn in a partially done solution (with a note explaining what's missing) than to sacrifice your academic integrity by copying from someone else.

Please ask if you have any questions.

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