CSE 436 (Fall 2005)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We hope the following list of questions and answers is helpful. However, if your question isn't answered below, we want to be sure that you get an answer! Check our help page for for times when help is available and information about other sources of on-line help.

General Questions:

Where do I find the latest information to help me solve a problem with my lab assignments?
First, read the news group and see if your problem is addressed there. If not, look for help online by contacting a TA or the professor using Instant Messenger. The TAs monitor the following IM screen names:
Do I need any computer science background to succeed in CS102?
You need CS101 or the equivalent. See the instructor if you have not taken CS101.

I have some programming experience. Will I be bored in CS102?
If past semesters are any indication, you probably won't be bored. Things may seem a bit slow at the beginning, but this course can be understood at many different levels. Also, the material should be sufficiently different from what you have seen to keep you interested. However, if you have significant experience in object-oriented programming, particularly in Java or C++, you should discuss your background with the instructor to determine if the course is appropriate for you.

How much time should I expect to spend on CS102?
CS102 emphasises learning by doing. Most of your time outside of class will be spent on lab assignments. You will spend very little time reading, since everything you need to know will be covered in lecture or in the lab assignments. Since CS102 is a 4 unit course, you should expect to spend about 10 hours per week on average doing the lab assignments. Some weeks will require more time, some will require less.

Is there a textbook for CS102?
Yes. However, the book is a resource that cannot replace class attendance. Everything you need to know will be covered in class or on lab assignments. On-line lecture highlights will be provided to assist your studies. If you own a computer, consider installing the class software on it.

Do I need a CEC account for CS102?
Yes. CEC (Center for Engineering Computing) provides educational computing support for the School of Engineering and Applied Science. You will need a CEC account in order to participate in your lab sections. If you are an Engineering student, you should already have an account. Otherwise, you should read Getting a CEC Account.

Do I need to buy a computer for CS102?
No. You do not need to own a computer to take this course. The Center for Engineering Computing (CEC) has a PC Lab in Sever 201 that is generally open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your use. Should there be a temporary change to CEC lab hours, you will see the updated information in CEC's Message of the Day.

I own a PC or a Macintosh. How do I set it up to work on the CS102 assignments?
Read Setting Up Your Computer for CS102. We suggest that you mount your CEC files remotely. See the next question for that.

I want to work on my assignments from my PC in my dorm room. How can I use my home directory at CEC?
Read Mounting your CEC directory in the comfort of your dorm room . We recommend you keep your files at CEC because they back up their files very often.

How can I go back to a previous CS102 web page?
The CS102 pages use frames, so the back arrow at the top of your browser may take you out of the CS102 pages completely. To go to a previous or following frame, hold down the right mouse button over the frame and select the appropriate option from the popup menu.

I'm having trouble with my personal computer. What should I do?
CEC's FAQ page on the three systems may have the answer you need. CEC also has consultants to answer general questions about computer use. However, please see the CS102 teaching assistants for any questions that specifically relate to the course.

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