CSE 436 (Fall 2005)
Final Exam

You should answer each of the following questions as briefly yet completely as possible. You are not allowed to collaborate with anybody in solving this exam, but you may use any references you like.

As promised, this exam is worth 20% of your grade in the class.

  1. (10 points) What are the benefits and disadvantages of using open source software in a project?
  2. (10 points) Describe the differences between the following kinds of requirements, and give an example of each:
  3. (10 points) What is the difference between a requirement and a goal? Give an example of each.
  4. (10 points) You are charged with eliciting requirements from a customer. Explain the mechanisms you will use to do this.
  5. (10 points) You are on a project that you know will be at least 6 months late in its delivery. Your manager is thinking about hiring 6 more people to help get the project back on-track. You are given the option of going along with that or working 80 hours a week to get the project back on track.
  6. (10 points) What is the waterfall model and when is it a suitable model for software development?
  7. (10 points) List 2 features of an agile development methodology, such as XP, and explain how they would work in the context of the project you did for this class.
  8. (10 points) How do concurrent versioning systems like CVS and subversion allow concurrent development and checkouts without locks?
  9. (20 points) Suppose you are the manager of your team for the project you just did for this class. You are given 100 points to divide among the people in your team. For each team member, including yourself, write the following:
  10. (0 points) Who is buried beneath Trafalgar Square so that the thundering traffic of London would give him no rest?

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