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Here is a link to the ppt presentation I gave in class on storage-management issues.

Exam II will be handed out in class and is available online in both ps and pdf for your test-taking convenience.

Our who's-on-line score is way past the billions; our who's-on-line score is now in the zillions. Well, more accurately: so far, 47 customers have been using the IM help screen-name: WUcs431

There is a newsgroup set up for the course, which you can access via a browser as: news://news.wustl.edu/wu.cs.class.431

If you are accessing this page from outside Wash U and you have an active tunnel set up, then acess the news group as: news://localhost/wu.cs.class.431

Here are some pages for JLex and Cup

The theory of language recognition and translation is introduced in support of compiler construction for modern programming languages. Topics include syntactic and semantic analysis, symbol table management, code generation, and runtime libraries. A variety of parsing methods is covered, including top-down and bottom-up. Machine problems culminate in the course project, for which students construct a working compiler.

Prerequisites for this class: CS102G, CS201, and CS241 (or equivalent).

Please send feedback, corrections, and any broken links to the instructor at cytron@cs.wustl.edu.

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