Lab Assignments

Schedule subject to change

It is by the solution of problems that the investigator tests the temper of his [/her] steel;
he [/she] finds new methods and new outlooks, and gains a wider and freer horizon.
( David Hilbert)

Lab assignments are designed to reinforce and deepen your understanding of important concepts covered in lecture. Each lab assignment includes specific goals that you should keep in mind while completing the assignment.

Labs can also identify areas where you need help. If you are having trouble, see the TA and/or instructor right away.

Lab Assigned Lab Due
(Start of class)
Lab 1: Finite-State Transducers 15 Jan 29 Jan
Lab 2: Recursive-Descent Compilers 29 Jan 12 Feb
Lab 3: Abstract Syntax Trees 12 Feb 28 Feb
Lab 4: Symbol Tables 28 Feb 21 Mar
Lab 5: Getting to know your target instruction set 19 Mar 4 Apr
Lab 6: Code Generation 9 Apr 23 Apr

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