CSE 132 (Spring 2015)
Lab 3b: HaWUp Node Class


The Node class is important to this project, as each node acts to process the Tasks in its queue. The basic code for Node is straightforward and is given to you. The tricky part is to deploy the appropriate concurrency mechanisms so that the Node class performs reliably. Thos mechanisms include:


  1. Update your repository to get the TestNode unit tests in the hawup.testingnode package.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Node class.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Task class to make it work too.

When it passes the tests

You code may not pass the testRun() unit test, and that's OK.
You should now be able to run the examples that are in your repository. Try the sleeps one first, then try sum.

In the Main class, change the call to HaWUp to try different numbers of Nodes.

What number of nodes works best on your computer in terms of performance?


When you done with this studio, you must be cleared by the TA to receive credit.

Last name WUSTL Key Propagate?
(or your numeric ID) Do not propagate
e.g. Smith j.smith
1 Copy from 1 to all others
2 Copy from 2 to all others

TA: Make sure they commit their code before you sign them out!

TA: Password:

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