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Permission to use Kassle

See this note from Dave Rea.
Washington University students normally own the work they do in our classes, but you must in any case respect patent and copyright protection where applicable. Thus, if you use this game for our project, you are subject to Dave Rea's stipulations.


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How to play Kassle

Kassle is a basic board game similar to tic-tac-toe or connect-four. The board is a 5x5 grid, and each of the two players has a unique game piece.

The players alternate turns. A turn consists of either:

  1. placing a piece on the board or
  2. shifting a row/column

The first player to get five pieces in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) wins.


Player 1 places the first game piece on the board

Fast-forward a few turns, and the board could look like this:

Player 1 decides that, rather than place a piece, he will shift the top row to the left. The piece on the far-left end wraps around to the right, and the piece on the right moves over one cell to the left.

Player 1 wins!