CSE 132 (Spring 2010)
Lab 4b: Talking to AOL

Test Server

If you want to run my server yourself:
  1. Install the groups/testserver svn repo. You can work on your checked-out copy of this code but you will not able to commit any changes. That's OK.
  2. Open Properties of the Java project
  3. Click on the Java Build Path
  4. Click on the Libraries tab
  5. Click on Add Jar
  6. Browse to the testserver.jar file and add it
  7. Go back to the project menu and right click on TestServer and run it as a Java application.
  8. Have your client connect to the server machine at port 9898. If you are running on the same machine, then you can connect to it as host localhost.


Using the design you came up with in Studio 7, implemented in Lab 4a and the password roasting you wrote in Studio 8, you will talk to the mock server and the the AOL server.
  1. Once you think you can read and write FLAP frames correctly, connect to the test server (on localhost if it's running on your computer) at port 9898, and run your client to see if the messages are processed correctly.
    Let's do the dance:
    1. You send FLAPON\r\n\r\n as an unframed sequence of bytes to the server
    2. You receive the Server's signon frame
    3. You send the Client's signon frame that includes the AOL username (you should have one by now!). Let's call that name u.
    4. You send a data frame using the toc2_login message described in the toc2 protocol.
      You have to follow the form of the login message just as it is described. The <address> field is login.oscar.aol.com and the <port> field is 5190. The simple code must be created from your username and password, as described on the toc2 page.
    5. Server sends you a data frame indicating success, probably mentioning somethng like SIGN_ON: TOC2.0 message.
    6. You might send toc_add_buddy whoever. It used to be the case that AOL wouldn't show your name on anybody's buddy list unless you have at least one buddy, but that's supposedly fixed now.
    7. You send toc_init_done
    8. You should be prepared to receive any number of messages from the server now, and just print them out so you can see what's going on.
  2. Once you have the above working, let's try this with the AOL server:

Demo (when 4b is due)

Grab a demo sheet and show the TA that you are able to sign on to AOL, by watching the u buddy show up and go away as your program runs and exits.

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