Professor Cytron,

It's nice to see the game going out into use in additional formats.  There
is not a patent, but I am the owner of the registered copyright and
trademark.  While the intellectual property rights for the game would of
course not transfer, I will allow the game to be used with permission with
the understanding that under copyright law there would be no ownership of
the game by the students or the university.  Also, it must not be for profit
or resale without first having a licensing agreement in place.

I have algorithms for a player-vs-computer version that I wrote 20 years ago
that ran on Wang mini-computers, written in RPGII, and one that ran on early
IBM XT's with BASIC.  I have a Windows version written in VB6 that allows 2
players to play on a PC, taking turns tapping on the screen to invoke
placement of pieces and shifting of rows or columns.  This would be the
first format of the type you are suggesting.  Of course, the original board
game was produced in several runs with wooden or plastic pieces on a
physical game board.

If there is interest in the playing strategies for a player-vs-computer,
please let me know.

Also, I would love to be able to play your student's rendition.

Dave Rea
Inventiv Software
Makers of PocketAdvantageT