CSE 132 (Spring 2009)
Lab 4b: Talking to AOL

Using the design you came up with in Studio 7, implemented in Lab 4a and the password roasting you wrote in Studio 8, you will talk to the mock server and the the AOL server.
  1. Once you think you are reading and writing FLAP frames correctly, connect to the server address written on the whiteboard, at port 9898, and run your client to see if the messages are processed correctly.
  2. Once you have the above working, let's try this with the AOL server.
  3. Get your client running as some kind of BOT

Demo (by April 2)

Grab a demo sheet and show the TA that you are able to sign on to AOL, by watching the u buddy show up and go away as your program runs and exits. Descsribe and demo your BOT.

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