CSE 132 (Spring 2009)
Lab 2b: KWIC Index (part b)
(ADT Review and I/O)
Demo Today (29 Jan 2009) in Lab


This is a continuation of Lab 2a. You should pass the unit test and finalize your plans for your GUI.


The deal about the GUI

By the end of the semester, you (your team) will demo a GUI for the kwic package. You saw (with more trouble than I intended) the GUI that I wrote, and you found at least 3 things wanting therein.

You can go about writing the GUI two ways:

So while we may set aside the task of building the GUI until later this semester, you will sketch what you (your group) will complete and turn that in today (see below).

Demo sheet

Grab a demo sheet to get checked off for this work. You're' asked to sketch your (group's) design for the GUI on the back. We'll keep that and see how it works out later this semester.
Be sure to submit your work using CMS, below.

Submit your project

  1. Generate a zip file to submit your work by exporting your kwic package as a zip file.
  2. From your CMS page, upload the zip file and submit your work.

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