CSE 132 (Spring 2009)
Lab 1: Percenterator meets Mt Evans


In Studio 1, you developed a slider that can control a model that represents percentages, from 0 to 100%. In this lab, you attach three such sliders to control the percent of an image's red, green, and blue components that are copied from one panel to another.

Basic part

You should try to use firefox, so that the .java files open in their own window, instead of launching visual studios.
  1. Work in pairs if you like, but upload your solution to each person's CMS account (see below).
  2. Try signing into the CMS (Course Management System). You'll use this system to submit your work when you are done. But try opening the page now, so we can see if it works.
    1. Open this page.
    2. Log in using your CEC id@cec.wustl.edu (for example, I use cytron@cec.wustl.edu) and password.
    3. Look at the CSE132 materials posted there (all you should see is the Lab 1 assignment).
  3. Open eclipse and go to the CSE132 project you started in Studio 1. You should see a percent package already there.
  4. You will need to import yops and some pictures:
    1. Download the yops zip file to your desktop.
    2. In eclipse, right click CSE132 and import the zip file as a general archive file.
  5. Put RGB.java into your percent package.
    The easiest way to do this is to save the file (right-click and save the link) to your desktop; right-click on the file icon and copy it, and then paste it into the percent package.
  6. Run the RGB as a Java application, and use the sliders to change the colors. You can move the sliders as you wish, and when you want to see the resulting picture, click the "go" button.

Pick one of the following

(Do two of them in your lab session by the time you demo to earn 10 extra lab credit points and the admiration of your TAs)
In whatever you pick, keep in mind that it is the model you should be affecting and examining.
Do not change the sliders or text field from your program; let them react on their own to changes you make to the model.

Demo your lab

Grab a grade sheet, fill it out, and show what you did to a TA. Get him or her to sign the sheet.

Submit your project

  1. Generate a zip file to submit your work by exporting your percent package as a zip file.
  2. From your CMS page, figure out how to upload the zip file and submit your work. I (RKC) have no idea how to do this, nor am I even sure that it is possible. I can't see the view you see. Let's see if we can get this to work.

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