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Read one of our Success Stories
Congratulations to the winners of the Programming Contest!
Exam review questions can be found here.
A topic study sheet can be found here.
Help sesions for the exam are as follows:
When Where Who's running it
Mon, 26 Apr 99 In class Prof Cytron
Wed, 28 Apr 99 2-4 PM Cupples II 217Bob Amar
Wed, 28 Apr 99 7-9 PM Cupples II 217Bob Amar
Thu, 29 Apr 99 7-9 PM Jolley 542Adam Lopresto
Final Exam is 30 April 1999, 1-5 PM, in our classroom. I have scheduled 1-5 PM but the exam is a standard, 2-hour final exam. The exam is open books and open notes.
Earn 25 lab points of extra credit! Do the Tree Mapping part of Lab 9 or enter the Programming Contest.
Supplementary notes on subclassing and abstract classes are now available on the Lecture Notes page.
Code examples recent lectures can be found on the Code web page.
A CS 101 Lunch Help Session is now held every Wednesday at 11 AM, in Cupples II 217. Bring your lunch!
  • Check the news page now and then to see if you've missed any news.
  • Look under help---especially the frequently asked questions---for clarifications and information about the current lab assignment.

CS101 provides an introduction to computer science and to the fundamentals of software design and construction. It is ideal for students considering a major or minor in computer science, as well as for students who want to learn about computing for use in another discipline. See the CS101 Course Description and the CS101 Lecture Highlights for more information on what this course is about.

These web pages are used extensively throughout CS101. Most information is accessible through the menu bar at the left. Read Navigating the CS101 Web Pages to find out what is available. The CS101 Home Page (this page) contains the following administrative information.

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