CS 101 (Spring 1999)
Using CEC

Please ask a TA if you need help with any of this.

Login Procedure:

The PC's in CEC are configured to run either Windows or Windows NT. This is somewhat confusing at first, but it allows CEC to support applications running on either platform. Symantec Cafe, the programming environment we are using in CS101, runs on Windows NT. Therefore, please follow these steps to log into your CEC account when doing work related to CS101.
  1. Check that your PC is currently running Windows NT. It will have a rectangular graphic in the middle of the screen saying Windows NT in large letters and a box that says "press ctl + alt + delete" to log on.
    If you see this, skip steps 2 and 3, and go on to step 4.

  2. If your PC in not running Windows NT, you need to reboot the computer. To do this, hold down the "Ctrl", "Alt", and "Delete" keys simultaneously twice (or hit the reset button) and wait for a screen that asks you to select an option using the arrow keys.
    Select NT Workstation and press return.

  3. You should now see a rectangular graphic in the middle of the screen saying Windows NT in large letters and a box that says "press ctl + alt + delete" to log on. If you don't see this, repeat step 2 or ask for help.

  4. Hold down the "Ctrl", "Alt", and "Delete" keys simultaneously, and you'll see a login screen. Type in the NT Java account name, and press tab. Then type in the NT Java account password, and press return. (Note: This is not your personal account information, but the NT Java account you were told about in class.)
       User name:
  5. On the right side of the desktop screen, you'll see an icon labeled "Mount your home directory." Double click on that icon, and enter your CEC user name and password (not the NT Java account information). Doing this will allow you to save your files onto your personal CEC account. Do not share your password with anyone. (If you plan to use floppy disks to store all of your work, or if you don't need to access your files in a given session, you can skip this step.)

Starting Netscape to access the CS101 Web Pages:

Double click on the Netscape Navigator icon on the left side of the desktop. The CS101 web pages are accessible from http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~cytron/cs101/
Once you go there, save the link as a bookmark so you don't have to type it each time. Ask if you need help.

Downloading Projects from the Web Pages:

When you click on a "download project" button in an assignment, an application called WinZip will start up. Click on "I Agree," then click on the "Extract" icon. Select the drive and folder where you want the project to go (either the floppy drive or the H: drive), and press return.

Starting Symantec Cafe:

Click on the Start button on the lower left of the screen. Then move your mouse over the word "Programming" in the menu. Finally, slide the mouse over to the word "Cafe" and click on it.

Logout procedure:

Remember to logout when you are finished. To do so, double click on the "Logout" icon on the right side of the desktop.

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