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Message of the day

Final exams are graded. Mean was 72.5 High was 95; low was 32. Nice work! I'll have them for you to pick up by Wednesday morning. RC
The Final Exam is in our classroom, 8:00 AM, May 5. A review sheet is available.

Administrative TA office hours will be held 1 PM, Sunday, May 7, in Lopata 408 (graders' office). If you have any problems with grades you have received, please stop by and clear things up.

Let the competition begin! Announcing the CS101 Checkers Programming contest.
Harken, ye who attendenth not class! Thinketh ye that the notes will be thy guide in times of examination? Can ye be sustaineth by the written word alone?

Rewarded are they who attend, for they shall reap the full benefit of lecture, and the contents thereof:

  • Peaceful shall they be in times of examination, content with their knowledge of the subject at hand.
  • Exceptions shall not throw them, and the null pointer will be to them as a refreshing breeze, gone too soon from their programs.
  • Beside peaceful I/O streams shall they reside, with API and demo'ed code shall they be comforted.
  • They quaketh not when the semester's termination condition is at hand.

Taketh note, ye who slumber past 10 AM (and ye who slumber in class!). For algorithms penetrateth not the somnambulent, nor can those who sleep be content with their lot.

David Warner has provided hints on printing from your room.
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Generally, it's a good idea to:
  • Check the news page now and then to see if you've missed any news.
  • Look under help---especially the frequently asked questions---for clarifications and information about the current lab assignment.

CS101 provides an introduction to computer science and to the fundamentals of software design and construction. It is ideal for students considering a major or minor in computer science, as well as for students who want to learn about computing for use in another discipline. See the CS101 Course Description and the CS101 Lecture Highlights for more information on what this course is about.

These web pages are used extensively throughout CS101. Most information is accessible through the menu bar at the left. Read Navigating the CS101 Web Pages to find out what is available. The CS101 Home Page (this page) contains the following administrative information.

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