Department of Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 131 / 501N

Fall 2015

Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Washington University in St. Louis

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Install course software
  1. Make sure your computer has Java 8 installed. If you're not sure, Google install Java 8 SDK, follow the instructions, and you should be OK.
  2. Follow the video linked from the menu bar on the left under tutorials for installing eclipse to install eclipse on your computer. It should work whether you are on a PC or Mac or Linux. Some notes:
    • Mars is the current stable release of eclipse, and that is what I installed on the video. Please go with that version for this course.
    • On PCs, it seems that if you put the eclipse folder where other programs live, things don't always work. Please do what I do in the video and arrange for the extracted files from the download to appear as a folder on your desktop.
  3. Follow the video linked from the menu bar on the left under tutorials for using subversive. This demonstrates how to:
    • Check out your repository the first time.
    • Update your repository each time you want to do some work.
    • Commit your repository each time you make changes.
    The URL that you need to supply for your repository is
    Change yourwustlkey to your actual WUSTL key.
Welcome to the Fall 2015 edition of CSE 131.

About the course: CSE 131 provides an introduction to fundamental software concepts. It is ideal for students considering a major or minor in computer science, as well as for students who want to learn about computing for use in another discipline. See the CSE 131 Course Description for an overview and the links at the left for details.

Robert Sedgewick, Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach

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