CSE 131 Module 10: Game



The game selected for this year's lab 10 is agar.io. You will implement a very simple form of the game for this lab, but you are free to do extra work for some extension credit.


I have recorded some videos to give an overview of how you might structure your game. The code from these videos is in your repository, in the lab10 package found in the labs source folder.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4 (completely optional)
In the files I distribute to you, the GameOnVideo is the version of the game I developed on the videos. It is somewhat cluttered because I intentionally had to change some things. The Game class is a cleaned-up version of what you see in the videos.

Basic Game

To receive credit for this lab, you must do the following:

Extra Credit (extension points)

See the extension activities published for the game module. Check back in case some new ones are added.


We will hold a contest of those worthy entries that are demo'ed and submitted on time. To be worthy: Winner(s) will be decided by the TAs and prizes will be awarded to the winning group(s).

How do I process keyboard input?

This game uses only the mouse, so no keyboard input is needed to play the basic game. If you want to use keyboard input please use the following keys, so that if we play the game on the IEEE arcade it will work.
Key Meaning
W or w Up
S or s Down
A or a Left
D or d Right

The methods of use to you from Sedgewick's API:

boolean StdDraw.hasNextKeyType()
You can call this method to see if the player has typed any key. It does not wait for input, which is very useful in this context.
char StdDraw.nextKeyTyped()
This method returns the next key typed. You should only call this method if the above method has returned true.

Submitting your work (read carefully)

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When you done with this lab, you must be cleared by the TA to receive credit.

This demo box is for lab 10
Last name WUSTL Key Propagate?
(or your numeric ID) Do not propagate
e.g. Smith j.smith
1 Copy from 1 to all others
2 Copy from 2 to all others
3 Copy from 3 to all others
4 Copy from 4 to all others
5 Copy from 5 to all others
6 Copy from 6 to all others

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