Department of Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 131 / 501N

Fall 2015

What is a Roundtable?

In a traditional lecture format, students invariably have questions that are inconvenient or difficult to pose during lecture. This course features some roundtable discussion segments in which students interact with the professor to discuss or solve a problem.

These sessions were conducted without a script, and the students did not rehearse any aspect of their participation. The sessions include three students and a professor, using a shared screen that you can see.

These seessions are intended to be interactive with you as well. Most clips end with a question. The idea is for you to consider the question at your own pace, formulate an answer, and then see the students' answer in the next clip.

Many thanks to the following Washington University students, who participated in these session:

The author thanks

of 2u for their help developing these materials.

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