CSE 131 / 501N (Fall 2013)
Recitation Questions

Some of the questions may involve more time than you have in lab. The idea is to stretch some on these problems, so that you will find the quiz and exam questions easier to tackle. The quiz and associated exam problems will resemble the questions you see here, so work to master these and you should have no problem on the quiz or exam.

Where there are multiple exercises within a problem, choose one or two and leave the rest for homeowork on your own.

  1. Draw diagonal lines across the screen, spaced so you can see some background between them.
  2. Write a loop that changes the screen from red to green to yellow, like a traffic light, with appropriate pauses between colors. This loop can run forever.
  3. Change the bouncing ball code so that a triangle moves around on the screen instead of a ball. The triangle can be filled, or not, as you wish.
  4. In the following, use ArgsProcessor to get values for your proram.