CSE 131 Module 10: Game



To receive credit your game must:

How do I process keyboard input?

For this assignment, please plan to use the keys as follows, so that your solution will work with the hardware arcade:
Key Meaning
W or w Up
S or s Down
A or a Left
D or d Right

The methods of use to you from Sedgewick's API:

boolean StdDraw.hasNextKeyType()
You can call this method to see if the player has typed any key. It does not wait for input, which is very useful in this context.
char StdDraw.nextKeyTyped()
This method returns the next key typed. You should only call this method if the above method has returned true.

Submitting your work (read carefully)

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When you done with this lab, you must be cleared by the TA to receive credit.

Last name WUSTL Key Propagate?
(or your numeric ID) Do not propagate
e.g. Smith j.smith
1 Copy from 1 to all others
2 Copy from 2 to all others
3 Copy from 3 to all others
4 Copy from 4 to all others
5 Copy from 5 to all others
6 Copy from 6 to all others

TA: Password: