CSE131 Late Policy

Success in CSE131 depends critically on keeping up with the assignments. At the same time, we don't want you to be stressed out over deadlines. With this in mind, the the following late policy has been established. Please read it carefully so that you understand your options. Exceptions to this policy will be granted only in the case of a documented extended illness, documented family emergency, directly conflicting religious observance, or documented university conflict (such as travel for an athletic event).

Consult the course calendar for quiz dates, exam dates, and lab assignment due dates.


Quizzes must be taken in class on the day they are given. Make-up quizzes will be given only in unusual circumstances. Completing a module requires correctly answering (85 percent or better) the corresponding questions on a quiz or an exam, so if you miss a quiz, make sure that you are prepared for that part of the midterm or final exam.

Midterm and Final (make-up quizzes, really)

Exams must be taken on the day they are given. If you anticipate that you must be away from campus on the day of an exam, you should notify the instructor by email at least one week in advance of the date of the exam. Include in your email the reason for the anticipated absence and a list of alternative times when you could take the exam. If you are ill on the date of an exam, you should provide the instructor with documentation of the illness and arrange for a make-up exam date as soon as possible. In any case, you must not discuss the contents of an exam with anyone between the time it is given and the time you take the exam.

Lab Assignments

Start assignments right away, so you have time to complete them and submit them by the due date. If you wait until the last minute and get stuck, you may have trouble getting help. Also, by finishing labs on time, you will be ready to start each new lab as soon as it is assigned.

The deadline for any assignment may be extended at the discretion of the instructor. The CEC labs may be unavailable for brief periods due to unforseen circumstances. Such outages are to be expected and will not normally result in an extension.

Two late coupons: Each student is issued two virtual late coupons for use during this semester. A coupon can be used to extend the time of one lab by exactly one week. No penalty will be assessed for the late lab, but the virtual coupon will be consumed. Using a late coupon is the only mechanism for submitting a lab late, and at most one coupon can be spent on any lab.

Two resubmission opportunities: Twice during the semester, near the middle and the end of the semester, you will have an opportunity to fix up and resubmit for regrading one lab assignment of your choice. At mid-semester, you can resubmit any lab from the first half of the semester. At the end, you can resubmit any lab from the second half of the semester. The new grade will replace the old grade.

Lab Demos

Most lab assignments require that you give a demonstration of your working lab to a TA. This must be done during a lab section. Normally, you will do this demo during your lab section, but sometimes you may have a scheduling problem and need to demo during a different lab section. In any case, you should complete your demo by the end of lab sessions on the day your lab is due, or a late coupon must be used.

If you are doing a demo in a lab section, you must sign up for your demo at the beginning of the lab section (within the first 15 minutes). This is necessary to avoid everyone clamoring to do demos in the last 5 minutes.