CSE131 Attendance Policy

Class attendance is required. When you register for CSE131, you make a committment to put forth your best effort. One obvious expectation is that you will attend class, and a portion of your grade will be based on class participation. (See the grading policy for details.)

Although on-line resources are provided, they are not an adequate substitute for attending class. The on-line notes are not complete and cover the material from previous years, not necessarily exactly what we're doing this year. If you try to learn the material on your own, you will waste a lot of time and miss out on the opportunity to ask questions as the material is discussed.

Of course, you may need to miss a class a couple of times during the semester, but it is to your benefit to keep the number of absences as low as possible.  If unavoidable circumstances necessitate an extended absence, please make arrangements with the instructor as soon as possible, preferably in advance.

Studio attendance is required. You cannot earn credit for a studio you miss. You must arrange to make up any missed studios with the instructor. To the extent that space is available, you can attend any studio session if circumstances prevent your attending your assigned session.

Attendance in lab sections is also important. Your graded materials will be returned in lab sections, and you will have an opportunity to discuss written comments with the TAs during lab. Also, most lab assignments require a demonstration of your working program in the lab section on the due date (or the next day if your lab section is on Wednesday). You must attend your lab section in order to give the required demonstration unless you have already done the demo for a TA during consulting hours.