CSE131 Java Reference

Frequently Used References:

Java Documentation
contains descriptions of all classes in the Java library. Except for those classes in the java.lang package, you will need to import the appropriate packages into your program in order to use them. Of particular interest to beginning CSE131 students are the Color class and the Math class. Also, Sun's Java developer pages provide a links to a wealth of information, including documentation and examples.

Documentation for Ye Olde Photo Shoppe (YOPS)
YOPS is a framework provided to CSE131 students for creating various graphics shapes, manipulating images, playing sounds, etc. It provides a foundation for many of the CSE131 labs.

Eclipse is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used in CSE131. A professional-grade environment, Eclipse provides a Java editor, compiler, debugger, and other features. Eclipse is free, and runs on Windows, OSX, and Linux.

CSE131 Glossary
The glossary contains definitions for many of the technical terms used most often in CSE131.