CSE131 Grading Policy

We recognize that students enter CSE131 with a wide variety of backgrounds. Therefore, CSE131 strives for a non-competetive learning environment. Our aim is to help you learn, not filter you out. To avoid putting you in competition with your classmates, we will not compare students in the determination of grades for CSE131. No "means" are used and there are no "curves."

Your semester letter grade will depend upon the number of modules (and optional module extensions) that you successfully complete, as follows.
To earn this grade...complete this many modules...and this many module extensions...

Strive to do a high quality job on the work that you turn in. The +/- part of your course grade will be based on the quality of your work and the quality of your class participation.

Pass/fail option: If you are taking CSE131 on a pass/fail (or credit/no-credit) basis, then the requirements for a 'C' in the above table are the minimum requirements for passing.