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CSE131 Quiz 6
Abstract Data Types
10 Oct 2008

  1. For each of the following scenarios, determine which of the following abstract data structures (ADTs) would be the most appropriate. The answer may involve more than one structure, as in "A list of maps". Justify your answer if you think it will help us grade your response.

    1. You want to represent the artists whose songs are on your MP3 player. Your ADT will represent only the artists and nothing else.
    2. You want to represent a playlist of songs, in which a given song can appear more than once.
    3. For each song in your collection, you would like to know the song's artist.
    4. For each artist in your collection, you would like to know the songs recorded by that artist.
  2. What does the following method do?
    public String mystery(LinkedList⟨String⟩ list) {
       String ans = "";
       for (String s : list) {
          ans = ans + " " + s;
       return ans;
  3. Describe one challenge of wireless networking.

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