CS 101 (Fall 2000)
Lab Sections

Labs are a reserved time during the week when you can

You are expected to attend your assigned lab section. Additionally, you are welcome to attend additional labs provided there is space.

You are accountable for activities that occur during your assigned lab section. To better serve you, specific TAs is assigned to monitor your progress and grade your work in this course.

If you prepare conscientiously, you should be able to get the bulk of your lab assignment done during your lab time.

All labs are held in Sever 201, 202, and 203.

LAB A   We 2:30-4       ?? students     TAs
LAB B   We 4-5:30       ?? students     TAs
LAB C   We 5:30-7       ?? students     TAs
LAB D   We 7-8:30       ?? students     TAs
LAB E   Th 2:30-4       ?? students     TAs
LAB F   Th 4-5:30       ?? students     TAs
LAB G   Th 5:30-7       ?? students     TAs
LAB H   Th 7-8:30       ?? students     TAs

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