CS 101 (Fall 2000)
Lab 8: BlackJack

Author: Sergey Klibanov
Lab Assigned Design Due
(In class)

1 PM
(In Lab)
(In Lab)
Lab Due
(In class)
1 PM
24 Oct 30 Oct 1-2 Nov 8-9 Nov 10 Nov


Implementing a card game is a very good way to learn operations with stacks, as well as the general semantics of writing a windowed program. In this lab, you will use the foundation you put together in Lab 7 to create a game of BlackJack.


By the end of this lab, you should

Before Starting:

Problem Description: BlackJack

You must implement a BlackJack game. The rules are as follows:

Design Strategy

Implementation Strategy

You are encouraged to follow your own design; however, look at the very detailed class-sponsored design for inspiration if you need it. You are not constrained to using the class-sponsored design. This design does not incorporate the splitting of a hand into the program, but can be easily adjusted to do so.

What to turn in:

  1. Complete a design cover sheet for the design portion of this lab.
  2. Complete a code cover sheet for the code portion of this lab.
  3. Provide a printout of any files you have created or modified.
  4. Provide a the transcript of one session of play. If you chose to add splitting as one of the possibilities, the transcript must show a successful split. You may find it convenient to stack the deck a little bit to demonstrate splitting.

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