How to Create a CEC Home Page for CS101

To create a home page on CEC, follow these steps if you are using a PC:

  1. Open the Windows NT file manager (explorer) by double-clicking on the computer icon at the upper left corner of the screen.

  2. Select "Folder Options..." from the "View" menu. A separate window will pop up, with three labeled tabs at the top. Then click on the tab labeled "View." Finally, make sure the option labeled "show all files" is selected and click OK. (This will allow you to see files and folders with names that begin with a period (.), like the one you'll create in the next step.)

  3. Under "internet" in the Start menu, open a telnet session to hilton or one of the other CEC unix machines. Type your login and password. (Note: If you haven't yet changed your login on the UNIX machines, the password will still be the one that you were given originally when you received your account. It's a good idea to set the passwords so that they match. On unix, type passwd if you want to change your password.)

    In your telnet session, type the following line to make a directory (folder) in which you will put your web documents:

    mkdir .www-docs

    making sure that your type the period at the beginning of the folder name. The middle character is a hyphen (not an underline). The CEC web server will expect to find your web documents in a folder with exactly this name.

  4. In your telnet window, now type the following line to change the permissions of the directory you just created so that it is publicly readable. (In UNIX terms, the line actually means to change the mode of the directory so that "all" users can read and look inside the folder.)

    chmod a+rx .www-docs

  5. From your web browser, save this index.html file into the H:/.www-docs folder you just created. Be sure you name the file index.html and that you save it inside your H:/.www-docs directory. Otherwise, the web server will not be able to find it.

  6. In emacs, open the file H:/.www-docs/index.html for editing. Replace the XXX by your name in both places. Replace the ??? by your email address in both places. You can also add any other information you would like to personalize your home page.

  7. Next, look at the CS101 Students Page. Select your name. Click on your picture to view it in a separate window, and save the picture in your .www-docs directory. Name the file myphoto.jpg to match the name used to display it in the index.html file. (If your picture doesn't appear on the students page, the registrar hasn't yet supplied us with one, so you'll need to skip the photo part of this lab.)

  8. Finally, you need to set the permissions so that other people can view your home page and your photo. In your telnet window, type the following lines:

    chmod a+r .www-docs/index.html
    chmod a+r .www-docs/myphoto.jpg

  9. In netscape, you can view your home page by typing your URL, which will be:

    where the XXXX is replaced by your CEC login name.

  10. You can now close your telnet session by typing


    in that window.

Note: You can edit the index.html file again later to further personalize your web page. You can either edit the HTML file directly in emacs, or use an editor like "Netscape Composer" to make your changes. Just keep in mind that depending on what editor you use, when you save the file, the editor may set the permissions so that other people don't have access to your page anymore, so you may need to set the permissions again.