Installing on your own PC

While the computers in CEC and in Cuppes II 300 are perfectly adequate for all your java development needs for CS101, you may wish to install everything on your home PC. I have some bad news for Macintosh users -- the latest version of the Java SDK for Mac is based on Sun's Java 1.1.8 specification, which is several years out of date. The CS101 Canvas (a requred tool for CS101) requires JDK1.2 and runs much better on JDK1.3, both of which are available for Windows (95/98/NT/2k), Linux, and Solaris.

Installing the JDE on Windows

You will need to install three software packages on your home system.
  1. Download and install the Sun's JDK 1.3 for Windows. The destination directory for installation should be c:\jdk1.3

    Some of you have had trouble accessing that site. If you have already viewed and agreed to their license, then you can download the file from here .

  2. Download Jikes. You can use the mini Win32 zip file. You want to install the files in c:\jdk1.3\bin

  3. If you don't already have a program to decompress .zip archives, download and install WinZip. There is a free trial version.

  4. Download and unzip it to c:\. The zip will create some directories. One of them is c:\cs101. You should put your labs in subdirectories of that directory, for example c:\cs101\Lab1\

    This zip file contains the JDE, so you do not have to install it separately!

  5. Create a shortcut on your desktop to launch Emacs easily.
  6. You do not need to restart your computer.
  7. Your installation is complete. You can launch Emacs/JDE with the shortcut you just created.

Installing the JDE on another OS

  1. Download and install Sun's JDK 1.3 for your OS.
  2. Download and install the latest version of Emacs from
  3. Download and isntall the latest version of the JDE.
  4. Jikes is a suprisingly fast compiler when compared to javac. Its classpath (which it can get from $JIKESPATH) must include the rt.jar file from the java installation. If you want, you can install it.
  5. Refer to the documentation provided with each package for further guidance.